Sunday, August 24, 2014

Wind Farm (Windmill) Birthday Cake

This is my Wind Farm cake done for someone at Pacificorp. Triple chocolate fudge with raspberry filling, fondant covered with fondant and gumpaste details.  The request was for the turbines to be done to scale, so this is a 1/500th scale of real turbines.  The cows may have ended up a little too big to fit the scale.  Most of the photos were done by A Time To Breathe Photography. (I bet you can tell which! Other than the watermark, I mean. :) )

 For whatever reason, placing those tiny little cows was a riot.  My friend just had to get me in the picture enjoying it. :)

 This was before they got their spots. :)

That is a green button Lego, for size reference.  The cows ended up measuring less than 1/16" tall.

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