Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Baby Mickey's Birthday

Baby Mickey Cake made for a 1st birthday, matching the party decorations. Top tier is triple fudge chocolate with raspberry filling, bottom tier is white almond sour cream cake with vanilla buttercream filling. Fondant covered with fondant accents. Mouse ears smash cake is triple chocolate fudge cake and fondant covered with fondant and gumpaste accents.


  1. This is adorable, great work!

  2. wow this is awesome ... do you sell them? ship them? I'm in Indiana

  3. I've never shipped any of them. Actually, the idea of shipping frightens me a bit! :) I would be terribly concerned about them getting there in one piece. Especially one like this. I can envision Baby Micky doing a belly flop off the cake and shattering into a million pieces! Thank you for looking at my blog, and for the super-nice compliment! :)

  4. Janci,
    What sizes did you use for this Mickey cake?

  5. this cake is amazing I love it I am gonna be using this for my son's 1st birthday

  6. How did you make the tiny mickey mouse on the top layer. I have the two cookie cutters...the black and red pair but they are bigger than the one you have on this cake.

    1. It's been about 2 years since I made this cake, so I'm trying to remember. But, I think I made a template drawn on paper and then cut out, then used the template to cut out each Mickey by hand with an exacto knife. I couldn't find a cutter small enough for what I was after, and using three small cutters didn't work out so well. So, it was my own invention. Thanks for visiting my blog!